Tutoring and Mentoring

Young Ethiopian Professionals (YEP) provides free Tutoring and Mentoring program to give academic support for students enrolled in high school and colleges. In the current skill driven economy higher education is one of the most important factors in pursuing a successful career. In addition to gaining more skills, a typical adult with college degree earn much higher than an adult with no college degree over his/her career. 

One of the challenges for students pursuing higher education is lack of guidance in navigating through the complexity of the system on their own. Recognizing this challenge that our students face, YEP’s tutoring and mentoring program supports high school and college students by providing free tutoring and mentoring that will not only support them to succeed in their school work but also guide them with the ‘how-to”s to excel in the complex system of higher education. 

This program matches high school & college students with the diverse professionals of YEP that have relevant skills.

• The Tutoring Program targets students who need supplemental tutoring to achieve their educational goals. Basic subjects include reading/writing comprehension, science, mathematics, computer literacy skills, and more.

• The Mentoring Program targets students and young adults seeking guidance in school work, time management, college applications, professional development, etc.


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